Marketing Strategy for Practice Owners

Reviewing your firm's marketing strategy and tactics is more important than ever since we are now so dependent on our virtual presence rather than meeting people.

Usually when I speak to new clients they are very keen to start taking action immediately as we are all keen to start getting results from our marketing effort.

Think about your Ideal Client

One of the most important steps is to very carefully consider your target audience or ideal client before taking action. Even if you believe your know your audience very well, stop and think about how the pandemic has impacted them, what's changed, what remains the same?

Solicitors like all practice owners need to consider carefully how the last three months have impacted on their clients and adjust accordingly. Many are cleverly focusing their efforts on digital marketing and how to best use social media for professional services.

I recently shared my recommendations for solicitors and legal practices when considering your marketing presence with Justin from the Law Society of Ireland as part of their "Road to Recovery" webinar series.

9 point check list for your firms marketing strategy

The following are the 9 take aways I left the team on the call with:

  1. Always communicate for your ideal client.

  2. Think virtual now for everything.

  3. A Digital Resource is critical, if not in-house use external experts.

  4. Consider an industry or sector focus, test it well by going very narrow and with deep insightful content.

  5. Use video & dont be afraid to use online tools to create your own using stock video to get started.

  6. Content is always King, use the opportunity events online present, pre & post event content, consider using google news alerts to stay on top of your sector or service area.

  7. Think about using press especially regional and trade media – radio & papers.

  8. Always measure.

  9. Stay focused and be brave, it’s a long game.

Please see a recording of the full webinar below.

Please contact me if any queries or if you are curious about what marketing strategy best suits your professional services firm's needs.

To access this Law Society's webinar online please see here