Irish Enterprise Awards 2021

Marketing Advisor of the Year 2021

An extract from Irish Enterprise Awards Magazine 2021.

A marketing company that has been making waves in its industry, Marketing Clever is a business serving professionals across industries such as legal, accounting, and management consultancy. Looking to expand to yet more businesses and markets in the future, it tells us about the processes that have facilitated its development.

Mary Cloonan, Marketing Clever, Marketing Advisor of the Year, Irish Enterprise Awards 2021

A company dedicated exclusively to serving accounting, legal, and professional service firms with business to business focused marketing consultancy work, Marketing Clever was founded in 2015. Its founder, Mary Cloonan, is an expert in her field and a highly effective consultant herself; with over 20 years of experience, she built Marketing Clever into a service providing specialist business development to Ireland’s corporate sectors. The founder and business at large enjoy a complex case and a new challenge, working with ambitious firms that seek to reach a higher level. With its aid, its clients can indeed find these next rungs on the ladder to success, and Marketing Clever is forever updating its processes to adapt and increase its efficacy in cultivating this.

It works with its clients to develop clear and intelligent marketing strategies informed by the trends in the industry, aligned with a client’s goals. By keeping its services highly tailored and yet rigorous, Marketing Clever ensures that it can focus in on the details in order to get every element correct, as well as reassuring the customer that the plan it creates will perfectly fit their company. Client engagement ranges from long running weekly meet-ups to a set number of times annually. Either way, it is completely up to client preference, and will use the information given to it in these sessions to facilitate an emboldened relationship between the client and their target market.

It has worked with 7 of the top 20 accounting firms, gaining significant experience in professional service marketing, and taking the lead in many high-profile campaigns that resulted in astounding success. Due to its vast portfolio of work, in April 2021 it was accredited  with the All-Star Professional Services Marketing Agency of the Year award by the All-Ireland Business Foundation. The various accreditations and its deeply impressive professional footprint have earned it acclaim, but also, earned it trust. This has allowed it to continue its growth and rapid development across the board, and gained it a significant influx of clients who have seen how Marketing Clever improved business for others.

The past year has changed its business drastically; over the course of 2020, it altered its operational model to be fully online. With all its customers having to do the same across the board, it found itself more invaluable than ever to its client base as it supported them through their own pivots to remote work. It then took on the task of ensuring its marketing plans were appropriate for a world grappling with the truths of a global pandemic – many messages that once were appropriate now weren’t, and many changes had to be made. It rose to all these challenges with elegance and sophistication, and thus has managed the increased demand on its services. Marketing Clever’s clients have benefitted from this hard work, retaining and attracting custom even in an online world that is becoming increasingly more competitive.The Accreditation is an outstanding achievement for Marketing Clever as it recognises the hard work and dedication in providing a best in class service to their clients.